Friday, February 19, 2010

news related

In the news today, was the infamous "Tiger Woods" who admitted to committing adultery. He had a press conference today discussing the actions taken place. The press conference showed Woods in such agony and pain. He apologized to his family, friends and people who believed in him.
The thing that caught attention to me was the statement made by him stating that he
did not know for sure when he was going to return to golf. It seemed as if Wood was focused more solely on getting his family and himself back together. The press conference was aired everywhere in American, making for Woods his first public speaking since the incident.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

special dinner

Turkey, dressing, and tasty ham completed the speculator thanksgiving feast that the Greater Coast Temple church provided for the community. I can remember that day like it was 2 hours ago. Hundreds of people gathered together to enjoy a remarkable and unforgettable dinner. The dinner include Turkey, dressing, Ham, Mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, cakes and pies.
Eating Turkey and thinking how yummy it was, to me was a breath of fresh air.
The most important thing of the dinner, was "family" being together and rejoicing like a good old family reunion.
Everything was perfect, people from the community that I didn't know had me feeling comfortable as if God made this day special for my family and me.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A little about me I am 21-years-old, a Senior at ECU. I am now sitting in class creating this blog, which I do not really care to much about but Im "game" type of person that tries new things all the time. I am a part-time worker at "All about you" agency, I am really not to excited about this but who knows. AY! I got the tighest camp in history RocstarENT!!! holla....